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M's 2004 Electoral College Predicition M's 2004 Electoral College Prediction
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September 9, 2004


Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted by telephone September 6-8, 2004 among 1,202 randomly selected adults nationwide, including 952 self-identified registered voters. Margin of sampling error: is plus/minus 3 percentage points.

If the 2004 presidential election were being held today, would vote for:
Bush 52%

Kerry 43%

Approve of the way President Bush is handling his job as president:

Favorable impression:
Bush 51%
Kerry 36%

Honest and trustworthy: Bush 48% Kerry 35%
Understands problems of people like me: Bush 44% Kerry 43%
Strong leader: Bush 58% Kerry 31%
Will make country safer: Bush 54% Kerry 35%
Shares your values: Bush 48% Kerry 40%
Vision for future: Bush 49% Kerry 40%
Takes a clear stand on issues: Bush 56% Kerry 29%
Appealing personality: Bush 53% Kerry 31%

Single most important issue:
Economy 27%
Terrorism 25%
Iraq 18%
Healthcare 13%
Other 8%
No Opinion 2%

Trust to do a better job handling --
Economy: Bush 47% Kerry 43%
Iraq: Bush 53% Kerry 37%
Education: Bush 46% Kerry 37%
War on Terrorism: Bush 57% Kerry 35%
Taxes: Bush 50% Kerry 40%
Helping middle class: Bush 42% Kerry 47%
Supreme Court appointments: Bush 46% Kerry 36%
Relations with other countries: Bush 47% Kerry 42%
Creating jobs: Bush 43% Kerry 45%
Healthcare: Bush 42% Kerry 45%

Better qualified to be commander in chief of the U.S. military:
Bush 53%
Kerry 40%

Satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in the USA:
Satisfied 49%
Dissatisfied 49%

Which of these two qualities is more important to you in a president:

Strong leader 57%
Understands problems of people like you 30%

President Bush deserves a second term:
Yes 52% No 45%

How enthusiastic are you about (President Bush/John Kerry) for president:

President Bush
Very enthusiastic 63%
Fairly enthusiastic 32%

Very enthusiastic 39%
Fairly enthusiastic 46%

Kerry too liberal: 42%

President Bush too conservative: 32%

Approve or disapprove of Kerry's public opposition to the Vietnam War after he left the military in 1969?
Approve 37%
Disapprove 49%

Who do you think will win the election this November:
Bush 63%
Kerry 26%

President Bush has done more to unite or divide country:
Unite 48% Divide 44%

War with Iraq was worth fighting:
Yes 51% No 45%

War with Iraq has contributed to long-term security of USA:
Yes 57% No 49%

War with Iraq part of War on Terrorism or separate:
Part 58%
Separate 39%

United States is winning or losing the war on terrorism:
Winning 55%
Losing 25%

Is country safer today after September 11, 2001:
Safer 64%
Less safe 28%

Concerned there will be more major terrorist attacks in the USA:
Concerned 73%
Not concerned 27%

September 5, 2004


TIME and Newsweek have released polling of registered voters that indicates a definite post-convention bounce for President Bush. Below are the overall results followed by individual areas.

President Bush 52%
John Kerry 41%

President Bush vs. Kerry:

  • Strong leadership: President Bush 56% vs. Kerry 37%
  • Iraq: President Bush 53% vs. Kerry 41%
  • Terrorism: President Bush 57% vs. Kerry 36%
  • Commanding the Armed Forces: President Bush 54% vs. Kerry 39%
  • Economy: President Bush 47% vs. Kerry 45%
  • Taxes: President Bush 49% vs. Kerry 40%
  • Understanding the needs of people: Kerry 47% vs. President Bush 44%
  • Health care: Kerry 48% vs. President Bush 42%

President Bush 54%
John Kerry 43%

President Bush vs. Kerry:

  • Strong leadership: President Bush 65% vs. Kerry 47%
  • Honest and ethical: President Bush 62% vs. Kerry 47%
  • Says what he believes and not just what people want to hear: President Bush 66% vs. Kerry 42%
  • Trust him to make the right decisions during an international crisis: President Bush 57% vs. Kerry 44%
  • Shares their values: President Bush 54% vs. Kerry 42%
  • Personally likeable: President Bush 67% vs. Kerry 59%
  • Terrorism and homeland security: President Bush 60% vs. Kerry 32%
  • Iraq: President Bush 55% vs. Kerry 37%
  • Foreign policy: President Bush 54% vs. Kerry 38%
  • Taxes: President Bush 52% vs. Kerry 38%
  • Economy: President Bush 49% vs. Kerry 43%
  • Education: President Bush 48% vs. Kerry 42%
  • Gay marriage: President Bush 44% vs. Kerry 36%
  • Healthcare: Kerry 45% vs. President Bush 43%
  • Environment: Kerry 50% vs. President Bush 36%

August 27, 2004


John Kerry continues to be hammered by Swift Boat Veterans For The Truth. The Swifties have two devastating ads out. The first one questions the veracity of Kerry's war stories. The second ad addresses his 1971 testimony before the U.S. Senate.

The Old Media are just beginning to report and comment on the substance of the ads. They are about 10 days behind the New Media who have been covering the story in detail in the blogosphere and talk radio. Blog journalism is shaming the Old Media.

Polls are starting to show that voters are paying attention these issues. That is very bad news for John F'ing Kerry who has based his fitness for President on his 4 months of service in Vietnam in 1968.

Look for more ads from the Swifties that will question Kerry's anti-war activities. Additionally, next week Kerry's Senate record can be expected to take a beating during the Republican National Convention.


The Colorado Electoral College Reform Initiative (CECRI) is on the November ballot.

CECRI would allocate the state's 9 electoral votes proportionately to each candidate's popular vote, and it would be retroactive to the 2004 election.

Read more about CECRI here, here and here

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