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M's 2004 Electoral College Predicition M's 2004 Electoral College Prediction
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Electoral College Calculator

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State Votes Democrat Republican 3d Party
Alabama D R O
Alaska D R O
Arizona D R O
Arkansas D R O
California D R O
Colorado D R O
Connecticut D R O
Delaware D R O
District of Columbia D R O
Florida D R O
Georgia D R O
Hawaii D R O
Idaho D R O
Illinois D R O
Indiana D R O
Iowa D R O
Kansas D R O
Kentucky D R O
Louisiana D R O
Maine D R O
Maryland D R O
Massachusetts D R O
Michigan D R O
Minnesota D R O
Mississippi D R O
Missouri D R O
Montana D R O
Nebraska D R O
Nevada D R O
New Hampshire D R O
New Jersey D R O
New Mexico D R O
New York D R O
North Carolina D R O
North Dakota D R O
Ohio D R O
Oklahoma D R O
Oregon D R O
Pennsylvania D R O
Rhode Island D R O
South Carolina D R O
South Dakota D R O
Tennessee D R O
Texas D R O
Utah D R O
Vermont D R O
Virginia D R O
Washington D R O
West Virginia D R O
Wisconsin D R O
Wyoming D R O


(270 Votes are needed to win.)

©2004. Merry Mad Monk